Makeup Tips

Makeup Tips

Today there is no woman present in this world who can live without makeup. Makeup has become a necessity for a woman and it comes before anything in her priority list. But applying makeup to her face is in itself is an art. If makeup is not applied properly, then it can hamper the beauty of the woman up to a great extent and the entire make up done would go waste. It would make her look worse than beautiful if it is not applied as told by the experts.

As the girls get older, they start to learn that when makeup is involved, more isn’t always better. Though learning it does take a lot of practice, there are some things you can do to help even out your makeup learning curve.

10 Great Makeup Tips

Makeup Tip 1)

Apply concealer to the areas of concern ie eye bags, dark eye rings or any blemishes for better foundation coverage or for a more natural skin tone.

Makeup Tip 2)

If you have not been sleeping well and need to click this site get back your good looks in an instant, blend a little concealer to the outer corner of your eye, put on simple eye shadow and a tinge of blusher to make your face glow.

Makeup Tip 3)

Make your lip stick last longer by brushing your loose powder gently across your lips, press tissue paper onto it and reapply the lip stick again

Makeup Tip 4)

To save money on specialized face contouring products, use any ordinary face powder which is few shades darker than your usual one and apply to the sides of your jaw line.

Makeup Tip 5)

Add a drop of witch hazel to turn normal foundation into a medicated one to prevent acne and pimples.

Makeup Tip 6)

Extend your eyelashes by using mascara with lengthening and volumizing properties.

Makeup Tip 7)

Rub your hands together before applying your moisturizer to your face for better absorption.

Makeup Tip 8)

When using blusher, always brush your cheeks in an up-down-up “U” shape to create that smiley look on your cheeks.

Makeup Tip 9)

Apply only a dot of lip gloss to the center of your lips and spread it out gently. Do not coat your entire lips with lip gloss as it will make your lips look oily.

Makeup Tip 10)

Give your eyes that hill climb racing hack no download lift by applying the correct type of eye shadow colors and also highlighting the eye ends near the nose area.

Makeup removing tips

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