Review Of Sap Hana

Review Of Sap Hana

SAP HANA Enterprise 1.0 is purely concerned with SAP In-Memory database that is completely relies on main memory. This module of software is collection of software with already tuned server, storage along with networking from one of diverse SAP hardware partner. The basic aim behind the design of visit more information this software is to support real time analytical and transnational processing system.

SAP HANA Enterprise 1.0 circulate around the In-Memory Database 1.0, a huge parallel processing data store that combines row based, column based and object based storage methodologies. Other components that completes the SAP HANA Enterprise 1.0 are SAP head soccer hack In Memory Computing Studio,SAP Host agent 7.2,SAPCAR 7.10, Sybase Replication Server 15, SAP HANA Load Controller 1.00 and SAP Landscape Transformation 1- SHC for ABA.

Structure of SAP HANA is designed in way so that it can duplicate and digest structure data from SAP and non SAP relation database and other applications at rapid speed. There are three ways of replication of data that are trigger based, ETL-based or log based. One of these is used depending on the source system and required use case. The replicated data is not stored on the disk but resides in the RAM. There is one good aspect of storing data in main spider man unlimited hack cheat online memory that is it is accessed by the all applications that resides on HANA.

SAP modules are always compatible with the next generation, focused analytical applications designed for the purpose to leverage real time functionality introduced by HANA. Work of development is continued on the analytics having concern with retail, financial and telecommunication.

HANA interface is optimized at high level with SAP Business Objects for reporting purposes as well as for dash boarding and other analytics products.

SAP HANA is very good for loading, processing and analyzing of structure data below petabytes and less. So SAP HANA is not considered for social networks and social media analytics. For such use cases Apache Hapoops is the best.

To use SAP HANA modules in professional way, there is need of training. This training can be either online or offline. If you are doing job, offline SAP HANA training is not fit for you. For online training you must visit Tekvdo website, it is good introduction on the web for professional SAP modules training. Now SAP HANA Training module is launched. Training for this modules is managed by highly professional instructors that are practically familiar with each and every corner of SAP HANA.