Urban Art: New Books in October

Urban Art: New Books in October

Fortunately for fans of the genre, urban art projects have reached the point that high-profile books are being released to chronicle the development of street art over the last twenty-five years. The widespread attention gained by breakout artists like Banksy, Faile, Stephen Fairey, and Jef Aerosol has finally begun to crack the fa鏰de of a previously-dismissed underground movement led by an environment of radicals and rogue artists.

Case in point: a growing collection of new books are being released to rave reviews, covering the ever-expanding dynamic of graffiti, street, and contemporary art works no longer relegated to downtown street corners and abandoned lots. Here抯 this month抯 palette of new releases worth mentioning.

This will be a major release (October 15), sponsored by graffiti gods Wooster Collective and prestigious retail source Taschen. Yesterday抯 opening reception for the new book Tresspass: A History Of Uncommissioned Urban Art at Taschen抯 Soho location in New York City drew 35 artists, over 600 visitors, and loads of press reps for an orgy of swank hob-nobbing, autograph sessions, and full-scale, unashamed endorsement.

The 320-page retrospective, co-authored by Paper Magazine editor Carlo McCormick and Wooster Collective抯 Marc and Sarah Schiller, is a broad-scale project that involved contributions from over 150 artists, many involved with the less lucrative share here and more adventurous and controversial forms of street art and graffiti.
The book is sure to become an instant classic on the street scene. hungry shark evolution hack no download Here抯 a brief YouTube video describing some of the details:

No less than 20 street artists were invited to create ready-made card stock stencils for inclusion in The Street Art Stencil Book from Laurence King clashroyalehackcheatss Publishing. Consisting of 90 pages containing 50 illustrations from urban icons like Eine, Blek Le Rat, Ben Frost, D-Face, and Jef Aerosol, this one-of-a-kind collector抯 item includes hand-picked photographs of each stencil in action, as it was used in an original